The hopeless romantic living and actively breathing inside of me would love to presume serendipity is real. Not some synthetic emotion that is sought upon to be inadequate, because it can’t been seen or heard. It is very persistent in my life whether people deem it as ridiculous or not. It continues to caress every fiber of my being.  It is alive in well in my existence: and it always will be.

Serendipity is the miraculous unknown feeling that transpires when fate is perfectly aligned in your presence. I noticed the simplicity of this when you came back into my life. For the world had been waiting upon your arrival. Every time you left, you were sent directly back to me.

We had been lovers before. You met me in a dark and mysterious point in my life. I could never return the love you provided for me perfectly. I couldn’t realize at that point in my life why I needed you so badly. That is how you escaped from me ever so easily. I let you go. I sought after you and yearned to get you back. But the universe knew one thing: we weren’t meant for each other right now. Give it precious time before you love again.  If someone or something returns, I suddenly realized it is surely meant to be.

Months and months had flown by without a call or text from you. Lonely nights spent pondering about how you were no good for my lonely and dismantled soul. I began to feel an invigorating and healthy lifestyle presenting itself upon me, showering me with love and happiness in abundance. I knew that I could live without you. I didn’t need you anymore. I only needed the woman I saw staring back at me in the mirror.

Yet, you never seemed to leave my imagination. My subconscious mind saw you in my dreams every single possible moment it could grasp you. Luring me back into your charismatic and affectionate persona that you embodied spectacularly. I knew that you were no good for the soul I saw demolished into pieces when you left me oh so easy. You didn’t blink an eye when you saw me shattered like a broken mirror, reflecting back the image of yourself. For you didn’t even bother trying to put the shards back together. I was as broken as you found me. Dismantled and disowned; but miraculously still breathing. Just because I couldn’t love you like I should have then, didn’t mean you had to leave.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

We always pondered and explained in vast detail, how fate was ultimately going to bring us two souls back together. It has been five months since I had spoken too you. I didn’t contact you, and you didn’t contact me. Sometimes I even begin to see others taking precedence over you. Every time the universe unexceptionally yet unimaginably never worked back into my favor. I began to understand that maybe, I was never meant to run into you again.

It wasn’t meant to be.

After this, I didn’t believe in serendipity anymore. I didn’t believe in fate, or the universe bringing two souls together in an unexplained manner. I just accepted the sharp shards of glass cutting up my insides. Emotion covering every part of my bones, never allowing me to move forward from this horrendous predicament.  The universe never understood the way I felt about you. The obstacles I would endure to see or hear your voice once again. Or so I thought.

The hopeless romantic inside of me had given up.  Crushed dramatically before my very eyes.

That was before I saw your name plastered across my phone screen today. It was a message from you. Is serendipity as real as I had always believed it was?

I guess this was the sign I had been seemingly yearning for. Our souls had the opportunity to collide once again. Fate intertwining exceptionally in my favor, and love restored into me. Serendipity is as real as any emotion or feeling that is presented upon us souls.

I know that for a fact.

I got the opportunity to love you again.

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  1. Wow, you have like three stories going on with some prose and poetry in the middle. At first I thought you were going to credit serendipity events, as we all have them more routinely than you might think. It’s recognizing the benefits as something you did not do on your own, that makes it serendipitous.
    I keep forgetting that you’re so delicately young, so you shared the horror of loss with us. And I accept the narrating of those agonies, because this is some kind of journal, or letter to this person.

    I had a foster sister come stay with us for two years. She was super smart because she came from that kind of lineage and genetics…both her parents were Doctors.
    She was a sophomore when I was a senior in high school. Because of the leniency in her household, she had become quite familiar with the surrounding cities, just east of Los Angeles. For the two years she was with us, my parents would have one of us boys chaperone. When it was my turn, we’d go to Hollywood to Father Love’s free church.
    I didn’t know it then, because Michelle was moving from 13 to 15 and I was 15 to 17, but he was obviously a perv and pedophile as he distributed cocaine and alcohol to minors all throughout the night, and it became a crash pad for many runaway teens.
    Because I ate a lot of acid back then, the freaks down on the boulevard were serendipitous for me. As for Michelle, she continued expanding her experiences, and by 15 was seeing an ameture boxer we had met at an event in Long Beach.

    I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, but maybe it’s because I believe when we want something, we usually get it.
    So I have this crazy thought that our brain waves actually do go out. And you may catch one of someone’s yourself some days, but until then, we keep sending them out.
    I’m not kidding when I tell you 5 months is not long, as I go years between telephone calls to my family and best of friends. But I’d like to think our brain waves are running into each other every now and then.

    So I was wondering two things then.
    I have this sadist friend who is well beyond self mutilation, but not self degradation. Are you in that room?
    And two, consider the ‘familiarity factor’. It is easiest to return to that which is familiar, than to strike out on life all by yourself. Because we can love in so many ways of so many things, I don’t think that love is serendipitous; as it over towers our lessor emotions and feelings…happy, pleased, content…which are more in the range of serendipity.
    And I enjoyed the prose and poetry too.

    1. I always look forward to your comments immensely. I always enjoy hearing about your stories, and how you feel about my writing. You seem as if you have had a magnificently eventful life. I love that about you. <3 thank you for always reading my work, and returning me with amazing feedback. It means the world.

      1. Now that you mention it, I do tell people that it has been eventful, beyond my expectations. And that is what is serendipitous about that.
        But I think what I was trying to say with multiple themes, the end sometimes strays from the start, and you can’t count love as serendipitous in your closing line.
        But you’re also right, I love reading your pages, because there are always a few descriptive lines which are so vividly displayed for everyone, that I marvel at them and revel with everyone’s delight.
        If I had a third question, it would be…are you going to communicate with this person beyond these pages?

      2. Well thank you. I would like to think that I embody a certain style of writing. It begins to be pretty apparent as I continue to write about my life.

        As for your last question, yes. I did want to speak to this person. I had actually been pondering pretty heavily about them throughout this last week, and boom. There they are again. Funny how it all works.

        Above all, I try to leave things open ended in my writing, so that the audience can decide what they think about it.

        I can admit now, that I’ve already spoken to this person. I replied almost immediately.

        We shall see what comes about it.

  2. Hey!!
    I m glad that he texted you.
    That’s what we wait for sometimes. And we want someone else to take initiative and we don’t want to as we try all the time.
    But the brain puts out the waves and makes thing work..
    And what’s good for us.. We get it!!
    Remember!! Universe has your back!! You are guided…
    It’s just that.. Do we want him back in our life again… 🤔

    Well written!!

    1. Thank you darling!

      That’s exactly what I wanted my audience to understand. Even though I am so overjoyed he is back… does he deserve to be back?

      Do I deserve him?

      That’s what we don’t know. Neither do I quite honestly. All we know is, time will tell. The universe has my back for sure <3

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Your blog is lovely. The roses, the positive vibes and the tranquility is a great way to unwind. Thank you so much for reading my work. Hope to see more of you around The Writers Block, yours truly Gastradamus

  4. Well-stated description of that kind of agony and a positive ending, but even after only five months, are you and the other still the same person?

    Thank you for liking my Canto One Blaustein poem!

    1. I’m afraid that no, we aren’t. People change all the time in matters of months, you know? I guess you just have to see how it works out the second time around.

  5. For me, serendipity is loving someone for 28 years, knowing he loves me as well, and at the same time, knowing the relationship isn’t to happen right now. It’s a hard place for me to be.

    1. Oh my… wow that is something. If you want to talk about it I’m here. That sounds so interesting!

      1. I’m sorry, I’m not ready to share this aspect of my life just yet. When the time comes, the world will know 🙂 Until then, I’m very happy with my current beau. (It’s not my choice to be without the man I’ve loved for so long but I’m grateful he’s my best guy friend.)

      2. Well I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you obtain what your heart desires. That’s the most important thing. ❤️

      1. You have such beautiful work as well! I can’t wait to see more of it and feel free to check out more of my stuff ❤️

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