The Butterfly Effect

I have just recently discovered how The Butterfly Effect has a tremendous impact on my daily musings, and thoughts on life. Months ago, I was in the depths of despair. I had lost many magnificent people in my life; sometimes even for unknown reasons. The man I was infatuated with, vanished from my life. As if he had never existed in my world. One whom I saw being with me for many, many years. I had established fresh friendships, as well as losing old ones. A dream I was trying to obtain was crumbled before my very eyes. Awful scenarios continued to play out. One after another, I saw myself surrounded by obscure rain storms overcoming me all at once.

You see, quite frankly we view these circumstances negatively. But what we don’t understand, is that our world is forming together in the exact way that it was intended to be. Grief will coincide with love, allowing you to move on and accept what cannot be changed. We as humans have only so much of a grasp on other lovers, family, and friends. We also have only so much understanding of what they want from us. As for all of the dark and dreary events we face in life on top of that: we will find that in months or years our life has transformed into a spectacular montage of needed occurrences. Allowing us to end up in the present moment.

Months ago, I didn’t know If I could move forward. Hypothetically, I was allowing myself to move forward every day. Did I want to? That’s another story. Lost in dark thoughts in the deep hours of the night, led me directly to this conclusion. Every single event in our lives from birth to present time, has brought us exactly to where we are today. If one molecule of my being wanted something drastically different, my life would’ve been thrown off instantly. It also would’ve changed many other lives. On the other hand: this works the same exact way with small predicaments in our lives. Any small or large change affects everybody. That is the moment I knew, I was eternally grateful for every detrimental person and obstacle that stood in my way.

It has brought me to the person I see in the mirror today. The one that has overcome all good and bad: in more ways than one. I didn’t know many moons ago that I needed to face these obstacles to reach my full potential. But here I am. I have established stupendous relationships with new lovers. Friendships that will last a lifetime. I have found my dream college: all while studying what I love with every fiber of my being. I have written masterpieces, which led me to deep reflecting. I have gained so much from simply excepting the instances that I cannot change. All of the melancholy emotions I have felt. I’ve accepted. You will find as time moves forward, that you will be glad you did so as well.

Life is sorting itself out in the amazing way it was intended to be.

49 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I have found what you say to have a good outcome.

    I believe in God and I believe He has plans for me. But that doesn’t mean the journey won’t hurt. I agree with you; only good can come from bad. And I, too, commend your positive outlook.

    Thank you. 🙏🏼

  2. This is so true. Life helps you heal and writing helps you heal faster!!

    I’ve just noticed you have one of my old blogs on your blog role! The Exotic Lady… small world.

  3. Do not disregard my praise for your successes, or my condolences for your losses. This is becoming, or should be an androgynous world. My foster mother would allow nothing less from us. There are many wonderful things about Science, because there will always be truth in it. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    Once I accepted this, my life became full. I love my agonies with the same joy I love my bliss. One cannot have one without the other. As great as we’ve climbed, so will the depths of our despair be measured.
    I loved your honesty and passion…and you have a cool website. Best to you always.

  4. Great; accepting and moving on as life happens.
    God’s best plans would happen to us.
    We really should let go of what we need to let go and let in the new great things God brings our way in life and make the best of them. Remain and keep in line with God.
    Thanks Isabella. God bless.

  5. I am going through a similar thing right now. I do believe that one day I will be okay but I would just like that day to come faster… Really appreciate this post <3

  6. This post really resonates with me because I felt something similar last year. I’m so glad that you are stronger because of it and that you are sharing your story.

  7. I love this post! The strength you have is amazing and so encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I also wanted to thank you for liking my post about Parkinson’s Disease. I appreciate the support! I hope that you will like more of my posts as well! I am looking forward to reading more of your writing as well!

  8. This might sound random but one of my favourite movies of all time is Mulan and in the movie Mulan’s dad tells her that the flower that blooms in adversity is the most precious and beautiful of all and that’s what reading this made me think of. You’re totally right that a lot of experiences no matter how negative or hurtful they may be they do – hopefully – help us grow and bloom into stronger, better, and more resilient people and I’m glad to read that you’re blooming 😀

  9. Yes, I had clicked the like button last month when I read this, and it is very positive. The growth I get from Frankl.
    I’m not aware of the masterpieces, because I have only read beautiful words set to the harmonies of your emotions thus far. But you may have them, and you may still be producing them.
    I didn’t pay attention to the school thing, so I understand if you have less time for here, because I know how time consuming classes and assignments can be.
    I love the daily prompts here, as I can always find a paper I had to research ‘using’ that word. But as a business major, we had little time for anything else. Are you taking writing classes? I only had one year of Compositions and Rhetoric, but I assure you, it was my favorite class. Second was Art Appreciation, and then everything else kinda sucked.
    Have a wonderful evening…if it’s evening there? It’s 12:15 a.m. here, and I’m getting ready to put on a movie and fall asleep. I’m awaiting your next piece (post), because I think I feel colors in your writing. Sounds weird, huh?
    Good night.

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  11. Isn’t that what they call the Law of Attraction?… Life’s happenings and how we deal, combined, are what makes that up. It goes so much deeper than that, but this is an easy and profound read.. Thank you for sharing !

  12. With the glory of God I felt this piece deeper than I intended. I love the style of your writing. It really speaks to me as I look to speak to the world. You inspire me to reach into the depths of my creativity to do something similar. Thank you for sharing your moment of the Butterfly Effect!

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