Women’s voices must be heard. ( #Metoo movement)

I am very frustrated that I must write this piece on a very horrific incident. First off, I must give my deepest condolences to all the women that had to endure the pain and suffering of a man with sick motives.  It makes me sick to my stomach when I think of all these bright women with promising futures; while having to of dealt with this disgusting human to reach their goals.

Every woman that cares about the safety of our futures must speak up and act. We need to realize that we are not safe in any circumstance. By no means does that mean I don’t want men encouraging this positive movement as well; I think men standing with us in this dark time is beautiful. But, in most cases, us as women are being looked down upon. This includes in sports, the workforce, and in daily life. As a young woman myself, I felt liberated to see all these powerful women standing up to their abuser.

I want to thank all the US gymnast’s and other women who came forward about this circumstance.  They’re starting a movement. A movement that will prove to Larry Nassar and all other men in power, that we do have voices.

Quite frankly, that we aren’t afraid to use.


The most disgusting part of this whole story- is the fact that many people wanted the victims to be silenced. There are allegations that the US gymnastics organization, as well as Michigan State University, were deeply involved in this. They didn’t want this to ruin their reputation.  It is quite appalling that they tried to protect themselves from a matter as serious as this. Actual women, who suffered abuse for years; yet all they seemed to care about was themselves.

This case fascinated me more than most. I watched all the girl’s testimonies that were available on the internet, as well as all their articles provided on different media outlets.  I applaud all these women that could fierce fully look their abuser in the eye and state, “I didn’t let this end my life.”

I was instantly liberated after hearing those words.

I hope this inspired many other women and men to recognize the ongoing issue in this society. When something goes terribly wrong: we push it under the rug until it dissipates. This is not the way I will live my life; It is also not the way that many others will live theirs.

Technically speaking, we finally have given the victims a chance to speak. It took years to get this evidence to the surface, (due to higher powers pushing it under the rug like I stated before) and I hope we never make this terrible mistake ever again.

Parents and trusted adult’s need to reciprocate: always listen to your children and young adults when they come to you with confidential information.  This is what is going to save our society from making this mistake again. We need to address the problem and stand together right away.

This was another reason why these girls did not receive justice earlier on.

I know my thoughts have been scattered throughout this train of thought, but I want to make one thing clear. Sadly, I know this has happened to many women and they have not come forward for whatever reason. Most of the time, because they are afraid nobody will believe them. Or, in fear that because it happened so long ago that it is not “valid.” You deserve justice just as much as anybody else does. I hope these girls, (and people like myself who stand with them) can inspire may others to come forward about sexual abuse.

If we stand together, we stand a chance.

25 thoughts on “Women’s voices must be heard. ( #Metoo movement)

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  2. #metoo movement have turned to be an eye opener for all. At least we girls get courage to speak up . Because when we go through something abusive we try to hide it but have a war going on within us only.
    I hope we all ladies are safe in this world.
    Well written!!
    Sending positive vibes!!
    Be safe!! 🙂

  3. This is great and I completely agree! By standing in support of these victims who have bravely come forward and spoke about the abuse they endured for years it’s supporting a movement that NEEDS to happen in society! As women we regularly find ourselves targeted by men, I can’t go out for a few drinks with friends without some male stranger feeling he has a right to touch us and feel us inappropriately… this is what needs to change! We need to be able to feel safe in society, not constant targets for so many men!!

  4. It sucks that it takes a social movement to give girls the courage and unity to speak up. It shouldn’t.

    I think a day will come when these experiences vanish. When there are no perpetrators. When hurting someone else is universally abhorrent.

    Did you know men can’t be legally raped in six states?

  5. I was not a fan of President Jimmy Carter, neither as a business man nor a President. However in his book, CALL TO ACTION he addresses the misogynistic attitudes towards women (females). I think it is the greatest thing he’s ever produced and on the money.
    Moses had to walk his people for forty years in the desert, two generations, before he had weeded out the old schoolers. I don’t think we can do that today Isabella, but my foster mom had an idea. They raised us, 7 boys and 7 girls under one roof simultaneously. And just because she could kick our butts wasn’t the only reason we learned of our similarities, hopes, dreams and desires. She joined NOW in 1969, and dad made sure all the girls learned self defense. I have a thousand stories about our family Isabella, but today is about you. Bravo.

  6. Thank you for using your blog as a platform. I have yet to be brave to tell my truth. I’m still scared to share my truth, even on my own blog. I’ve honestly been avoiding the #metoo movement because of the fears I have from my own experience. I had a chance to get the truth of what happened to me out there, but I was young a scared, scared that if he ever got out he’d find me, but now I know I should have been thinking “what if he does this to someone else?” I’m still scared to speak my truth, I don’t even know how to go about it. How do I go back to the police and tell them I fabricated the story I originally told them, then tell them the truth? I just hate that I know the place date and time (Feb. 2nd 2009 10:23 AM I was 15) of when it all happened. But I know I need to tell them. I know it needs to come out. I know that I can’t allow him to roam the world possibly doing it to others. I’m even to scared now to say what happened. what umbrella I fall under. (I almost deleted all of this, but I know that wouldn’t help anyone, not even myself) #metoo #help?

    1. Yes, go and tell them what really happened. Us as women need to use our voices for good ❤️ do whatever you need to do to move on and help others! It will be worth it in the end. You are brave for sharing your comment on here, thank you 🙂

  7. Any sane human knows the truth, and the truth is that most times women have been victimized, isolated, harassed, subjugated and intimidated. So when I see people come forward to put something against these I feel there is still among many those who have not gone insane. #metoo is a movement for all, its not about women liberation, it is about human liberation.
    I love this post.

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