Samples from: “Sunset Skies and Dimly Lit Nights.” An original poetry book.

Broken bones.”

He graced me with a perfect smile upon his face
As he placed the most magical kiss lips can taste
Mending all of my broken bones together
His presence couldn’t be detained by any weather
All of the bullet wounds surrounding my heart
Reminding me of the way I fell apart
Love will send your mind spiraling in the dark hours of the night
Reminiscing on all of the times you had to put up a fight
Demanding for him to stay
Yet all they tend to do is begin to run away
That is why our magnificent kiss haunts me in my dreams
Sadly love never is the way it seems
As much as I hoped this time would be different
I know deep in my core that it isn’t
I watch as the spot in my driveway remains empty
As you continue to love on plenty
Leaving them wondering deeply in their souls
Why their minds were left souring from their control
They fell for your same tricks
That you applied just as smoothly as the kiss you placed upon my lips
I knew I should of ran from the start
My mother always told me I was smart
I still am baffled in the way you managed to get under my skin
Why do people like you always have to win?
But I have learned my lesson this time around
As the scars you left on me are no longer profound
I will soon be ready to love again
As I no longer view my broken bones as a sin.

Sunflower garden.”

My soul is an alluring garden of sunflowers
Yet people never stopped to ask about the April showers.
Capturing eyes of many of they walked through the rows of my captivating heart
I wasn’t always perceived as such art.
Each divine flower representing all the times I fell down
But the thunderstorms that over came me never caused me to drown.
I rose up from the ground
As the soil surrounding me nourished me without making a sound

Soon, you wandered in.

You viewed me as remarkably beautiful
Made me believe I was proudly unmovable
I am, because I have been growing and learning for quite some time.
With love and hurt of all various kinds.
I began to realize my roots grow ever deeply in all the things that I love
Leaving me with the only apparent conclusion of growing from the ground up
I never understood why my bright and fascinating views were never enough
And if you try to disagree with me, I will call it a bluff.
You were soon the only one to stop and smell my fragrant petals
I was never used to being enough to settle
You provided me with bountiful amounts of light
You knew my life wasn’t always this bright

So, I thank you for taking a closer look
For things never are an open book

You nurtured me with light rains
Instilling the lost love deeply into my veins
As for my past lovers
They remain blinded to the fact that I needed to be discovered
They walk through various gardens
Never realizing the ground below them constantly hardens
They thought I was perfectly capable of repairing myself
Never understanding one can never completely nourish itself
I take months to achieve my full potential
But constant care is essential
I thank you for providing me with all of my needs
You knew I needed to be tended after you planted my seeds
I see you wandering through my garden quite often
My petals remarkably began to soften
The possibilities remain to be endless
My garden appears to be much more tremendous
Reminding me to always stop and smell the flowers
For the best things are not created in small hours
You have helped me progress in every way
I hope my garden is fascinating enough to make you want to stay.

6 thoughts on “Samples from: “Sunset Skies and Dimly Lit Nights.” An original poetry book.

  1. Your ‘Broken Bones’ is literary art, as was the description of pain you posted with ‘The truth about my heartbreak’.
    I actually thought it was a short story, but then much of our lives are but that. Short stories.
    I have told many people these past 7 years that I became unbroken when I realized that the pain I felt from others, was only equal the bliss that we had shared. No more, no less, as that is how science goes.
    However, after being on wordpress these past 7 weeks, I am realizing that some of the women do not want to let their agonies rest. I know it is a woman thing to develop relationships first, but the men are just needing to get laid…or maybe be seen with an intelligent and beautiful woman. That’s always good for our egos. The deeper and more involved a woman is, as with your creativity, it overlays our shallow existences. Which is why the best relationships are those which have equally matched interests and talents. I don’t think you’ve posted yet this month (but I’ll look again), and maybe you’re trying to delve up more hurt and pain for your next blog. I hope not though.
    There is nothing beautiful or joyous about a woman in agony, pain and sorrow.
    When I have my coffee in the mornings I sit and watch the birds, singing to the ground, to the sky, to each other.
    It is only on the rarest of occasions does anyone see birds squabble and fight. And yet they both return to the nest when it’s over. It would be nice if our lives were that simple, but we are much more complicated, aren’t we?
    Besides, if I were a bird, the branch would become my home, as I am not a crafty person, and could never make a nest.
    Do not make a nest of your woes, it would be a terrible and lonely life.
    My best of friends for 46 years is Arthur and Jenny (When Apricots Had Wings), and without them I would still be living on the streets, broken. By the time you read this, you may already be transitioning into the prettier, happier person who writes these eloquent words you’ve posted. And I am looking forward to more.
    Love and Peace.

    1. After this comment you are really in for a treat, read my newest post πŸ™‚ thank you again for all the amazing feedback. I enjoy reading your comments so much. Always so much insight instilled into them. Such a positive and vibrant soul you are. I look forward to hearing from you again soon <3

      1. Yes. Writing is my calling after all. I would be delighted to hear your insight on that post as well. Let me know when you get the chance to read it. It is titled: β€œThe Butterfly Effect.”

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