The power of energy within us.

The moment I realized this easy, but vast concept, I was kind of in awe. The effect of collecting others energy  is something that will be surrounding you for the rest of your life. Understanding this, resolved everything for me. I found the root of the cause. The explanation of why my energy level was down in the dumps; for months. When I comprehended the reason, I started thinking very profoundly about this concept. We, as humans, pick up on contagious energy, which is not always the finest for us. Especially,  if it is affecting us negatively. What do I mean by this you ask? People give off energy. No matter if it is  sadness, happiness, or any other emotion. We seem to pick up on the energy that we border ourselves with daily. I started to realize this, when I started feeling drained. Drained physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I seemed to pick up on everybody’s else’s energy. This was draining me.  I was in a household, that was not very supportive to my views; and future lifestyle. Also, at a school that wasn’t  very accepting as well. I started picking up anger, resent, and sadness from the others around me. Because this energy surrounded me daily, and as humans we observe our surroundings, it can take a toll on our state of mind, body, and personal health. I never felt like I could catch up. I was always a step behind myself. Even though I felt self- assured in myself, who I was meant to be, and my future, my emotions seemed to skyrocket all over the place. When somebody is angry, we become angry. When somebody is sad, we automatically become said. When somebody is constantly happy, we always seem happy around them. Easy, right? Well then why do we choose to surround ourselves with beings that tend to bring the worst out of us?

That is when I made the change. The change that could change who you are, eternally. Surrounding yourself with people that bring the greatest out of you, and feed towards your energy. Not take it away. Somebody that is constantly sad, with themselves, or their life, is going to rub off on you. You will begin to see this transforming you. Into somebody sad. This can happen even when their situation has nothing to do with yours. I began to make the change of finding people that complemented my energy. Suddenly,  I felt a change in myself. I have found new support and love, that I feel daily now. There are many different types of people that will lower your energy, and here are just a few.

  • Somebody that is sad with their life, their body image, their money, or their looks, is somebody that you need to look out for. Yes of course, everybody gets down in the dumps on certain days, but if it is an ongoing constant struggle with this person, and they don’t receive help, you will soon start to feel the same exact way as them. You will start to pick up on this negative energy they are surrounding themselves with daily. You will soon start to feel down with these categories as well.
  • Somebody that constantly needs reassurance in their life, and mentally, physically, and emotionally drains us to receive that.
  • Somebody that constantly tells you, you are the problem in a friendship, relationship, etc.
  • Somebody that limits the way they think, believe, and interpret things in life, will begin to make you very close minded, and open to receiving negative energy.
  • Somebody that has continuous drama, and is always in search of it, will mentally drain you. Having a full plate, is very stressful. When you have somebody that needs to have it repeatedly, it will take its toll on you as well. When you let yourself be a part of this person’s life you won’t ever catch a break. Having constant drama is very dangerous for a person, and stress and anxiety will start to flourish from this. Surround yourself with people that don’t have a constant need to have something happen in their lives. Peace and happiness will find it’s way to you again.
  • Somebody that is always angry, for no apparent reason. This person could be a coworker, a friend, or maybe even a significant other to you. No matter the situation, you will feel anger as well. Verbal abuse, and physical abuse, are usually the sprouts of the type of anger. When you start to feel the same way as the person surrounding you  it will cause you to find a way to solve this. Usually  leading  you into fighting back with the same power. The only way to not pick up on this constant anger, is to of course leave the situation. Anger is something that is very easily transferred from one person to another. Soon enough, you will be an angry person, just like the people you are around. Our mental, physical, and emotional health should come before anybody’s else’s, and you should not let other people change it. Unless, of course, in a positive and uplifting way.
  • One that fears the future, doesn’t take risks, and is afraid of certain outcomes, may rub off on you.  
  • One that takes advantage of your love, your kindness, and your friendship.  
  • One that abuses drugs, alcohol, etc. To feel a certain way, and is convinced they can’t survive without having it. 

      *  One that is negative in general, is an issue waiting to happen. One that doesn’t support your way of life, your future, your beliefs, and your morals, can be a major issue. When we feel doubt in ourselves, it is usually because somebody else has told us we can’t do something, or we can’t be somebody. These types of people suck out our positive energy, and fill you with their negative. This may because you are vulnerable and they take advantage of you. Or maybe because you are easily manipulated. Either way, we start to pay attention, and soon enough, we start to no longer believe in our selves. All that we are and what we are made of. We must realize these people that are doing this to us. We need people around us to build our energy up, not tear it down. 

These are just some people  that are in our lives. When I looked through this list, there was several different people I thought of for each category. I don’t surround myself with those people anymore. I began to find  space within myself after all this negative energy from others was cleared out. Then, I became me again. The one that radiates positive energy as much as I can. The person inside me that looks to help, and inspire others. The side of me I want everybody to see. The people that we choose to be in our lives, is always going to affect us. Please look at this list, and take this tool into consideration. Surround yourself daily with people that bring you the positive emotions that make life beautiful, and you will see a change in you.

xoxo, Isabella

5 thoughts on “The power of energy within us.

  1. Really amusing. I was reading this and took it as if i was listening to music; enjoying each note, if the notes build up to a height or volume ( i am dodging the word ‘climax’ purposely ) let it take you there. I just concentrated on each word, and learnt what it has to say- i even admired the way it is put together. True to say, i couldn’t postpone my enjoyment to the end.
    Writers just have to produce flashes of thought to be cast on the colour disc and hope that part of the disc will register the shots.
    This piece of yours did more than that.
    Effortlessly educative and inspirational.
    I hope you don’t mind:

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