How to be free.

As I am contemplating how to start my first blog post, I finally stumbled upon something I would like to shine light upon and share. Something that keeps me awake at night, and keeps me going during the day. The thought of being free. 

This is such a broad statement, but so interestingly remarkable to touch on. I want each and every one of you to finally release yourselves from the pain, and be free. it is yet such a easy thing to say, but not so much a easy thing to do. The world is a place where you despise what others think of you. Maybe  it is just ourselves that think of everything so negatively. You see, it is really ourselves that never allow us to be free. We are always so wrapped up about what others may think of us. In reality, maybe it is just us feeling this way towards ourselves. As they always say, we are our own worst enemy’s. That is why I want you to release yourself from this. I want you to finally be you. I want you to be free.

We are all shining in our own gorgeous light, yet at the same time we are afraid to step into it. We are afraid to show others who we really are. We are in such a search to be accepted. We lose ourselves. I want you to never be afraid of who you are and what you believe in. I want you to always embrace your differences. You are meant to be you, -and nothing else. I want you to know that every single thing that you are, is remarkable, and sometimes it just takes believing in yourself for others to finally realize that. It will take time to reach this enlightenment, but I want you to start with today.

Next time you look in the mirror I want you to look at yourself like you are the most amazing thing in this world. This is because you are. You are free,and you are you. There is nobody in this world just like you and that is the most important thing. When you allow yourself to always be positive you will start seeing the world in that way too. But most importantly, it has to start with you. Accept who you are and embrace all that you are because you are the most astonishing thing that you can offer this world. I want you to know that being free is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Release yourself from the pain that you put yourself in, and finally believe in yourself. I believe in you too.

Style your hair the way you want it, wear whatever clothes you want, get tattoos. Travel to the most amazing places. Take risks. Make friends with all the people you see. Say the things that you want. Embrace your opinions about the world. Open your mind. Open your soul. Open yourself to the love you deserve. Give yourself the love that you deserve. Be you, and always remember to be free.

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