You said the gun was mine.

I don’t expect you to understand the unfathomable feelings that graced me the day you left.

You left me convulsing while holding together an acceptable posture. I didn’t want the others around me drowning in my unexplainable emotions that I no longer knew how to tame. The scene was set for you long before you perpetrated the act of doing so. Your emotions had time to refrain and heal before you acted furiously in anger. I begged you to stay as you grabbed your things from my room. I did everything I could to get you to stay. I never thought I would have to beg the one I loved dearly to stay.

Rightfully so, all I wanted you to do was love me unconditionally. I thought that was little to ask after all the times I spent repairing your deranged emotions—fluctuating daily.

Let me explain the scene in a way you understand.

The blood was on your hands. I felt as if you had just carried out a horrific murder and yet still had the indecency to turn around and wipe the blood on me. After all I did for you. I was there through all the incomprehensible moments. You expected me to understand in a way I didn’t know how. Yet, all I did was try to love you through all your flaws and misery.  My wounds from previous occasions were left pulsating and in open sight. They were in plain sight—because I didn’t expect you to pour salt in them while I wilted in agony. You gained off me. You took advantage of a vulnerable girl who wanted to see your glorious soul shine once again. I didn’t think you would kill me in the process of doing so. You said the gun was mine.

You didn’t thank me for a single thing I did for you the day you left.

Instead, you turned it all back onto me. The jury was present, and you weren’t going down without a fight. You were the one that left me. You were the one who cheated me. The blood was surrounding you, yet you made it look as if I turned you into a mad man. You brought up any of my dirt to make it look like I was the crazy one. Truthfully, you turned me into a monster. For a while, I believed you when you said it was all my fault. It was just your secret mechanism found within this horrific game you play with your victims. You would do anything in your power to make it look like the murder wasn’t your fault.

I should’ve ran for the hills when I saw you do this to me the first time. I loved you through thick and thin. That’s just the women that I am.  Turns out, I had a lesser man who couldn’t commit to me. You couldn’t accentuate the same powerful love even if you tried.  The love flowing from you, was none other but the love you provided to yourself as nourishment.

You took everything I had. The truth is, I was willing to give you it until there was nothing left.

But honey, the murder victim was me. You killed every ounce of who I was before I could save myself. You didn’t care about anybody else but yourself.  You still had the audacity to see me destroyed on the ground and say it was all my fault. That I deserved it. You said the gun was mine. Yet, I was the one dead on the ground.

The Butterfly Effect

I have just recently discovered how The Butterfly Effect has a tremendous impact on my daily musings, and thoughts on life. Months ago, I was in the depths of despair. I had lost many magnificent people in my life; sometimes even for unknown reasons. The man I was infatuated with, vanished from my life. As if he had never existed in my world. One whom I saw being with me for many, many years. I had established fresh friendships, as well as losing old ones. A dream I was trying to obtain was crumbled before my very eyes. Awful scenarios continued to play out. One after another, I saw myself surrounded by obscure rain storms overcoming me all at once.

You see, quite frankly we view these circumstances negatively. But what we don’t understand, is that our world is forming together in the exact way that it was intended to be. Grief will coincide with love, allowing you to move on and accept what cannot be changed. We as humans have only so much of a grasp on other lovers, family, and friends. We also have only so much understanding of what they want from us. As for all of the dark and dreary events we face in life on top of that: we will find that in months or years our life has transformed into a spectacular montage of needed occurrences. Allowing us to end up in the present moment.

Months ago, I didn’t know If I could move forward. Hypothetically, I was allowing myself to move forward every day. Did I want to? That’s another story. Lost in dark thoughts in the deep hours of the night, led me directly to this conclusion. Every single event in our lives from birth to present time, has brought us exactly to where we are today. If one molecule of my being wanted something drastically different, my life would’ve been thrown off instantly. It also would’ve changed many other lives. On the other hand: this works the same exact way with small predicaments in our lives. Any small or large change affects everybody. That is the moment I knew, I was eternally grateful for every detrimental person and obstacle that stood in my way.

It has brought me to the person I see in the mirror today. The one that has overcome all good and bad: in more ways than one. I didn’t know many moons ago that I needed to face these obstacles to reach my full potential. But here I am. I have established stupendous relationships with new lovers. Friendships that will last a lifetime. I have found my dream college: all while studying what I love with every fiber of my being. I have written masterpieces, which led me to deep reflecting. I have gained so much from simply excepting the instances that I cannot change. All of the melancholy emotions I have felt. I’ve accepted. You will find as time moves forward, that you will be glad you did so as well.

Life is sorting itself out in the amazing way it was intended to be.

Women’s voices must be heard. ( #Metoo movement)

I am very frustrated that I must write this piece on a very horrific incident. First off, I must give my deepest condolences to all the women that had to endure the pain and suffering of a man with sick motives.  It makes me sick to my stomach when I think of all these bright women with promising futures; while having to of dealt with this disgusting human to reach their goals.


Every woman that cares about the safety of our futures must speak up and act. We need to realize that we are not safe in any circumstance. By no means does that mean I don’t want men encouraging this positive movement as well; I think men standing with us in this dark time is beautiful. But, in most cases, us as women are being looked down upon. This includes in sports, the workforce, and in daily life. As a young woman myself, I felt liberated to see all these powerful women standing up to their abuser.


I want to thank all the US gymnast’s and other women who came forward about this circumstance.  They’re starting a movement. A movement that will prove to Larry Nassar and all other men in power, that we do have voices.


Quite frankly, that we aren’t afraid to use.


The most disgusting part of this whole story- is the fact that many people wanted the victims to be silenced. There are allegations that the US gymnastics organization, as well as Michigan State University, were deeply involved in this. They didn’t want this to ruin their reputation.  It is quite appalling that they tried to protect themselves from a matter as serious as this. Actual women, who suffered abuse for years; yet all they seemed to care about was themselves.


This case fascinated me more than most. I watched all the girl’s testimonies that were available on the internet, as well as all their articles provided on different media outlets.  I applaud all these women that could fierce fully look their abuser in the eye and state, “I didn’t let this end my life.”

I was instantly liberated after hearing those words.


I hope this inspired many other women and men to recognize the ongoing issue in this society. When something goes terribly wrong: we push it under the rug until it dissipates. This is not the way I will live my life; It is also not the way that many others will live theirs.


Technically speaking, we finally have given the victims a chance to speak. It took years to get this evidence to the surface, (due to higher powers pushing it under the rug like I stated before) and I hope we never make this terrible mistake ever again.


Parents and trusted adult’s need to reciprocate: always listen to your children and young adults when they come to you with confidential information.  This is what is going to save our society from making this mistake again. We need to address the problem and stand together right away.


This was another reason why these girls did not receive justice earlier on.


I know my thoughts have been scattered throughout this train of thought, but I want to make one thing clear. Sadly, I know this has happened to many women and they have not come forward for whatever reason. Most of the time, because they are afraid nobody will believe them. Or, in fear that because it happened so long ago that it is not “valid.” You deserve justice just as much as anybody else does. I hope these girls, (and people like myself who stand with them) can inspire may others to come forward about sexual abuse.


If we stand together, we stand a chance.

The Truth About My Heartbreak.

I can honestly admit I don’t even know where to start this post.

For days my thoughts have been flowing in and out of my never-ending, wandering mind. My heart has been over powered  with such love. But coinciding with this love; is grief. A chapter in my life has came to an ending point.

Luckily, I have used my heartbreak to inspire me in so many areas of my life.

Flash back to a week ago. I thought the day I rose from my well-rested night, that it would just be like any other day. I was ignoring all of the signs I was receiving from you, quite frankly, from the beginning of our relationship. You made me believe that you loved me. 

I should of listened to all the other surrounding voices invading my mind, telling me that you were toxic for me. I didn’t want to believe the true signs that you gave me constantly. As they all say; love is blind.  From the start you took advantage of my love. I forgave you for any and every mistake that you made. After all, that is what love is about right? I stayed with you through anything. I was inevitably infatuated with your every move. I craved your presence in every aspect of my entire life. But in the midst of all the outrage, we did share happy moments.

I adored you. The way that I looked at you was different. Everybody could see it. They were all terrified. They knew that soon the two simple words spewing from your mouth time and time again, would break me into a million pieces. Oh if I only knew the words “It’s over”, felt like a million daggers deranged into my chest, I would’ve ran from the start. You were inescapable.

It was as if I was underneath your spell. I wanted to believe that you would not take advantage of my love. But it turns out you are no different then the last guy. The one that left me in the same exact way. If I could’ve only of seen the writing on the wall. If I could’ve seen the mess you left me. The truth of it all is, I still would’ve risked the pain to admire the great memories we created together.

All of the dates we spent admiring each others acquaintance. The laughs intertwined in our deep conversions about the universe, politics, and religion. The love we shared was undeniable. We shared a deeper connection than what the average person finds at this young of an age. You put up with my favorite movies, constant Taylor Swift album marathons, and my crazy obsession with glitter. The list goes on and on, but I wont bore you any more than what I already have. Moral of the story is, we had something. Something that will be engraved into my mind until the end of time. You left an impression on me that will never be forgotten.

Flash through eight months, and here I am writing you this post. I honestly think it will help me move on from this terrible rut I have been enduring. I am ready to move on from this stage in my life. I knew a different version of you and it wasn’t the one you are now. Its hard to believe that same person would’ve left me with no remorse. You watched me sob and you had the nerve to just say, “I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel anything anymore.” I begged and pleaded for you to stay. But I’m smarter than that. The right person won’t have to even question being with me.

So, thank you. Thank you for breaking me into a million pieces. It has helped me figured out the signs to watch out for. It also will strengthen my future relationships. Thank you for showing me what my true worth is, because trust me, I deserved more than the person you really were. I deserve the world. I wish you the best with your life and I hope and pray that someday down the road, we can meet as strangers once again. I hope that we both accomplish our hopes and dreams. But most importantly, I hope you find the person who you’re meant to be with. As I hope the same for myself.

I hope that you got exactly what you wanted out of me. I will no longer be used as just somebody sitting on your back burner. I deserve much more than that. On the other hand, I wish you all the best and through out this mess, I still love you more than words can express.

You will forever hold a special place in my heart, mind, and soul. 

Samples from: “Sunset Skies and Dimly Lit Nights.” An original poetry book.

Broken bones.”

He graced me with a perfect smile upon his face
As he placed the most magical kiss lips can taste
Mending all of my broken bones together
His presence couldn’t be detained by any weather
All of the bullet wounds surrounding my heart
Reminding me of the way I fell apart
Love will send your mind spiraling in the dark hours of the night
Reminiscing on all of the times you had to put up a fight
Demanding for him to stay
Yet all they tend to do is begin to run away
That is why our magnificent kiss haunts me in my dreams
Sadly love never is the way it seems
As much as I hoped this time would be different
I know deep in my core that it isn’t
I watch as the spot in my driveway remains empty
As you continue to love on plenty
Leaving them wondering deeply in their souls
Why their minds were left souring from their control
They fell for your same tricks
That you applied just as smoothly as the kiss you placed upon my lips
I knew I should of ran from the start
My mother always told me I was smart
I still am baffled in the way you managed to get under my skin
Why do people like you always have to win?
But I have learned my lesson this time around
As the scars you left on me are no longer profound
I will soon be ready to love again
As I no longer view my broken bones as a sin.


Sunflower garden.”

My soul is an alluring garden of sunflowers
Yet people never stopped to ask about the April showers.
Capturing eyes of many of they walked through the rows of my captivating heart
I wasn’t always perceived as such art.
Each divine flower representing all the times I fell down
But the thunderstorms that over came me never caused me to drown.
I rose up from the ground
As the soil surrounding me nourished me without making a sound

Soon, you wandered in.

You viewed me as remarkably beautiful
Made me believe I was proudly unmovable
I am, because I have been growing and learning for quite some time.
With love and hurt of all various kinds.
I began to realize my roots grow ever deeply in all the things that I love
Leaving me with the only apparent conclusion of growing from the ground up
I never understood why my bright and fascinating views were never enough
And if you try to disagree with me, I will call it a bluff.
You were soon the only one to stop and smell my fragrant petals
I was never used to being enough to settle
You provided me with bountiful amounts of light
You knew my life wasn’t always this bright

So, I thank you for taking a closer look
For things never are an open book

You nurtured me with light rains
Instilling the lost love deeply into my veins
As for my past lovers
They remain blinded to the fact that I needed to be discovered
They walk through various gardens
Never realizing the ground below them constantly hardens
They thought I was perfectly capable of repairing myself
Never understanding one can never completely nourish itself
I take months to achieve my full potential
But constant care is essential
I thank you for providing me with all of my needs
You knew I needed to be tended after you planted my seeds
I see you wandering through my garden quite often
My petals remarkably began to soften
The possibilities remain to be endless
My garden appears to be much more tremendous
Reminding me to always stop and smell the flowers
For the best things are not created in small hours
You have helped me progress in every way
I hope my garden is fascinating enough to make you want to stay.




The day my world stood still.


“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.”- Confucius

Unlike many other pieces that I have published for my blog, this one took more than a week to process. As a writer, I am very grateful that I have a way of putting many of the vast thoughts that cross my mind, into something good for myself and others. Although, it is truly breaking my heart every time I re-visit this day In my mind.  But on the other hand, this has made me grow into an even stronger person altogether. The statement, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, remains true in my current circumstance.

It was a normal Sunday morning, as I awoke the morning of my car accident. I sat down in the morning and did my regular routine of jamming to current Taylor swift, applying my makeup, and strutting around in my romper and heels. I was heading into town for an innocent trip to the mall, getting lunch, and enjoying a day to myself.  As I gathered my purse and other miscellaneous items, I kissed my mom and told her I loved her as I walked out the door. As she would say to me every day after this incident took place, she had felt in the deep core of her gut that something horrific was to occur that day. Instead, she let me go, thinking that her motherly instincts were just flaring because this was my first trip driving alone. Little did I know, a mother is never wrong. Strangely enough, she had been right about what was to happen that day.

My drive to the mall had gone very smoothly, and I had felt very confident In myself. I enjoyed my day as I walked around the mall, grabbed food, and some new clothes that were (and still are thank god ) going to be used for my senior photos.  On my way back home, I felt as if my day had gone spectacular. I felt as if I had accomplished something very big in my eyes, seeming this was my first time driving alone in a moderately busy city.  Soon enough, my day was turned upside down. As I experienced the worst day of my entire life. All alone.

As I turned onto a busy highway, my wandering mind soon got me into a predicament that I always told people was my worst nightmare. Although I would not like to get into specific details, the last thing I remember was pulling off on the side of the road, on one of the most booming highways in Michigan. The next thing I know, I was siting in a ditch. I look down and see glass shatters surrounding my passenger seat, my windshield completely shattered, and my driver side door completely touching me. I look into the mirror that sat above me, and watched blood run down my cheek. I then realize, my  brand new car that I had not even had for more than a month, was destroyed before my very eyes. I was so confused in that moment, as I tried to recuperate myself. The next thing I know, a man has walked over and is tapping on my window that is destroyed as well, and asks me if I am okay. I reply with, “Yes I am okay.” After that much impact, I am very surprised that I had given the lovely couple that had hit me, both of my parents numbers from the back of my mind. After their phone call to my parents, they had helped me stumble out of my car. I remember everybody looking at me in shock and disbelief. I had just survived not only the accident, but with almost no scratches to my exposed body. No broken bones, a couple small bruises, and a mark from my seatbelt was all that was left on me after the impact. As I reflected in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, I didn’t know how I could be so lucky. To this day, I still can’t put my finger quite on it.

As my romper is being cut into shreds, heels are taken off my feet, doctors shining lights into my eyes, and of course the endless questions that come along with a patient that has just been through this trauma; millions of thoughts continued to go through my mind. I held back my tears that wanted to go streaming down my face, and instead focused on the good things that had graced me that day. I was okay, and that will always be the most important part of this. This means that my wonderful parents, my boyfriend, my siblings, and my family and friends would not have to deal with the burden of losing me. Suddenly, my mind began to wander even more. The most prominent thought continues to be, it really is true; your life can be taken from you at any moment.  The emotions came flooding in as they released me thirty minutes later. The ride home from the hospital, I reevaluated my entire life. This is the greatest way I can place my thoughts and apprehensions into words.

This life we  are  given is never promised to us.  Your life can be taken any day, and at any moment. Before my accident, there were countless family  members and friends that I didn’t have a close to perfect relationship with, due to the fact that people are quite frankly, not remembering this concept. I had stopped talking to one of my best friends, about a month prior. I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my parents, or even my siblings at that. After this, I realized that I would’ve had to live with that burden, and they would’ve had to as well. Do not hold stupid grudges, it is never worth it. Repair your relationships and friendships as much as you can. Always tell your loved ones how much you care about them, and your true genuine feelings. I cannot stress this enough. On the other hand, appreciate everything life has to offer you. After this day, I learned to appreciate the little things in life so much more. I had begun to realize all the things I have in life I should be grateful for. I have so many great people, things, and an amazing future to continue to work towards. I have reached for my goals even more, continued to write more, and broaden my horizons in every aspect. I have not only learned to live a whole new life, but also spread my teachings to others.

I now rise early every morning, smiling. I am smiling because I know I was given another chance to live life. I continue to surround myself with my loved ones, and I cherish the thought of getting to spend the rest of my life repairing, and blossoming different aspects of my life. I get to continue to listen to the beloved Taylor swift as I do my makeup, watch my favorite movies, eat my favorite foods, learn new things, travel more, and of course learn and grow in my own personal ways. They might sound like little things to you, but I am forever grateful for everything in life that as made me who and what I am. I got a chance to live a brand new life, and I will never let that go for the world.

Why I am a Feminist in the 21st century (First article)

After the many vast obstacles that women have faced throughout the years, I have abruptly decided to speak on the behalf of myself and others. As I have matured and blossomed as a woman  I have discovered  daily predicaments in the world today. For as long as I could  remember, women have been fighting for: political, sexual, economic, and personal equality to men. I, along with many other women, do not feel as if this situation is fair by any means, At only sixteen, there is so much sexual worriment that I face as I begin my journey as an adult.
I would like to reach the point where I can venture into any situation, in an outfit I feel gorgeous in, and not feel like I am being looked at like a sexual object. I would like to walk home from a bar late at night and  not be frightened to encounter a man or another woman who will take advantage of me because I am vulnerable. I would like to feel comfortable on a college campus. I do not want to be constantly worried  that I will be drugged, or worst of all; raped. I would like to let loose and not let these  things become bothersome to me. On the other hand, I feel like  I am constantly letting my mind wander to every single possibility.
I would like to have friends of the opposite sex, who will not pressure me to engage in sexual activities with them. If I clearly didn’t ask for it, I don’t want to be informed that I was. I wish that all of these movements could be easily resolved. But, the more I sit and contemplate, I have realized that these problems will always be apparent. The more I try and avoid these situations from occurring the more they appear in the times you would never see them advancing . The precautions cannot be taken correctly, because it’s in times where we shouldn’t feel the way that we do.
The more I try and remember  specific instances, the blurrier these instances  become. We almost force ourselves to forget that things like this continue to occur in daily life.
The first incident occurred at fifteen. I remember I was with a guy whom I felt I very much admired by, but there were times I clearly did not asked to be touched and showered with kisses. Being an adolescent, I didn’t exactly know how to feel when I was being pinned down and forced to make out with my significant other. I faintly remember myself repeating the word “no”, but with some people, that word doesn’t hold any significance. I can recall that same scenario repeating itself more than 3 times. After this person and I ended it completely with one another, he continued to touch me. He would grab my butt while everyone else was watching.  I was embarrassed, I was frightened. He would treat this like it was some game. He would laugh with his other guy friends. not even putting into consideration the constant violation I felt every time he did this. At countless get togethers with other friends, he would run his fingers up my legs, until he reached areas that shouldn’t be crossed. He would see how far I would let him get. I would push him off of me, only for him to come back and do it again. I didn’t ask to be touched. I didn’t ask to be kissed, even if was with him at the time. I didn’t ask to be grasped. Yet, he continued to think it was a test. To see how far he could get until I told him to stop.
Little did he know, I cried myself to sleep every time this happened. I felt like I was treated like an object, and not like the prized possession that I was. I am a woman, I am not an object. I am confident, I am beautiful, and I am important. My body is mine, and my boundaries should not be crossed without consent. Why did my claim over my body, not mean anything?
I am now almost seventeen. I have been in two abusive relationships.  I still have other obstacles that I’ve faced daily as a woman. On multiple occasions, I have been whistled at, belittled, mocked for wearing certain revealing things, and more. I have also struggled to sustain relationships with significant others because of our differences. I push to be accepted for all of me.  When most of the time, I am treated as if there is no brain connected to my glorious body. I strive to become my true self daily, and to not these situations affect the way I think, feel, and react. I know deep down, 2 years later, that I am more than the predicaments that I have been in.
I hope for the day that I can be seen as more than just a body, who makes decisions regarding so.
I am still continuing to expand my horizons as a female daily. Each and every day I feel even more confident in myself than before. I will never let the whistling of men define me. I will not let my past instances define my standards. I,  will not let the sexualized standards of society tell me what I can and cannot wear. I am young and radiant. I have the right  to wear whatever I feel comfortable in and I hope I can inspire you to do the same. I will continue to roam free in this universe feeling safe. I will go out at night and fearlessly walk home alone.
As women, we cannot let our past scare us, as well as future situations that we are trying to avoid. We deserve to feel gorgeous and safe in our skin every single day. Do not be oppressed. Speak out and be brave for all of the women around the world who are dealing with the same exact instances as you.

To the one, who completes me.

There comes a day where you decide to slowly move on. You let the people of the past whom you’ve loved,  reconcile in your dreams. They slowly disappear from your life, leaving you with not a single soul but yourself. You soon venture out into the universe, in search of somebody that makes your life light up the way you have never discovered before.

This timeline for me, was months upon months. I was in desperate of somebody to pay me the love I thought I deserved. Of course as stubborn as I come off, that person never seemed to appear in the moments that I was most desperate. I was in need of somebody that would explore my soul, not my body. I wanted to be loved. Truly, loved. I wanted somebody that found the night sky in my eyes. Somebody that would take their personal time, to figure out my quirks that make up me as a person. Somebody to discuss my abstract thoughts as I lay awake at 3 a.m. I craved somebody that was adventurous, and would coincide with me across the world if I had asked.

The higher your standards become the harder it becomes to fill the deep void in your heart as the thought of it still lingers. The longer I waited, the longer I realized the person that I was seeking out to find; would take time and patience.

The person whom you are seeking will come with time. I know, because I found that person.

You will find the one who will stay up until 3 a.m,  just to make sure your smile is not lost within your dismantled thoughts and wonders. You will start to realize that upon the arrival of your significant other was the time that you took to fix your bullet wounds that were shot into your heart. This is not done by any lover, but within your own mind, body, and soul.

This person wont have to fix you, but instead complement your beautiful mess of a human being. They will accept your flaws and love you for the personality and exterior traits that make up the most gorgeous version of yourself. You will start to see that all of the built up mistakes of your past that lead you straight down your path, happened in such delicate way so they could find you at the right time. They would drive hours to just bring that sparkle into your eyes that could light up the night sky.

They will learn that you only drink your coffee with two creamers and two sugars. They will adorably sing all of your cherished favorite songs.  They will take all of your flaws into consideration. Trust me, they will put them all aside just to be with you. Suddenly, all of the movies you spent watching alone, will be joined with somebody who cares deeply about the things that makes you happy. They will cherish everything that makes you the person you are.

This person only comes once in a lifetime. Don’t lose them. You see, many people face the consequence of starting over with love many different times in their life. But, this one wont be like any other person you have ever encountered. They will grace your life with such a presence that it will send the flames in your heart racing; as they fix up all the bullet wounds that destroyed your former self.

That’s what he did for me.

The storms that surpassed me in memories, were now beautiful turquoise sky’s. I didn’t hurt anymore. The roses that embellished my heart and soul, dead and diminished; were now the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen. Bright and alluring, surrounding every aspect in my life. He gave me life again. A life that I want to live forever.

Now, I want to cherish every passing second with him. Even though we live completely separate lives, with different realities, we have found time to collide within our passing hours. I find myself getting lost every time we are together. Lost in the thought of what we are. Lost in the thought, of what we will be.

Will we always be together?

Only time can tell. But, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way than discovering life with him.

You see, I have never enjoyed somebody’s company so much. We talk as if we haven’t run out of subjects. He makes me laugh. He makes me forget about every wondering thought that keeps me up in the dark hours of the night. We now share coffee every Saturday and ponder about deep thoughts: our thoughts on politics, religion, and much, more. The more I picked apart his brain, the more I realized he was one of a kind.

Even the most innocent activities, have a special importance to them. Our souls matched up as if they were made to collide at the exact moment that did. The moment we both needed each other the most. I never want this feeling to end. A void in my heart is filled with such love, a love that is real. I will continue to get lost in the galaxies I found in his eyes.

I will, because he completes me.